Our Robotics Curriculum - The secret sauce

Our Robotics Curriculum - The secret sauce

We have spent the last 12 years developing and perfecting our robotics curriculum at our coding and robotics school. Children will find our curriculum to be effective, entertaining, and challenging. Over the years, we have tested our curriculum on a large number of kids and made revisions based on their comments and performance.
Aligning our curriculum with the ICSE and CBSE curriculum that students are exposed to in class is one of the main factors we took into account when developing it. This makes it easier to make sure that our curriculum supports and supplements the instruction that kids are getting in school.

As they advance through the curriculum, kids will be exposed to complexity at ever-higher levels. This helps to keep kids motivated and interested by ensuring that they are always challenged to learn more.
For instance, an 8-year-old youngster will begin by learning about basic machines and mechanical ideas like how to operate a motor. As they become older, they will be introduced to increasingly complex subjects like AI, Python, and OpenCV. They will then go on to learning about electronics and programming. Lessons on drones and how to programme them are also included.

Our course material is intended to be engaging and hands-on, with an emphasis on real-world application. This makes it possible to make sure that kids are not just learning the concepts but also being able to use them to solve issues in the real world.
We also include projects in our curriculum so that kids may use the ideas they've learned to make robots and other things like that. These tasks are designed to be difficult and interesting, and they aid in developing children's creativity and problem-solving abilities.

In conclusion, our robotics programme is created to be difficult, interesting, and useful for kids. Over the past 12 years, we have improved it by testing it on a large number of kids and gathering feedback. The curriculum encourages students to study more by exposing them to progressively more complicated material that is in line with their school's ICSE and CBSE curricula. Our curriculum is created to be engaging, hands-on, and practical, which enables kids to apply the ideas they have learnt to actual issues.


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